Student Resources

The Law and Leadership Institute seeks to provide its high school students and their counterparts with tools that support an interest in the legal profession, academic success and college access. Be sure to check our website frequently for study tips, educational links, college access tools and more!


Financial Aid

Get some $ 4 college!  College Goal Sunday is February 8th, 2014, at locations all over Ohio.  Get free assistance filling out the FAFSA, talk to financial aid professionals, and much more.  Click here for additional information.


Internship opportunity 

The Ohio Attorney General's Office has a great internship position for recent LLI graduates and other students currently enrolled in undergrad. Click here to find out how to apply.


ACT and SAT Test Preparation

Click here to search for FREE online ACT and SAT practice tests with score review.

For more free tests:


College Application Resource

Looking for a one stop application "hub" to help you submit online college applications? Check out the Common College Application.


Affordable Colleges Online

Find research on all not-for-profit universities and colleges in Ohio that offer online college programs. The site provides:

  • Researched and published online, accredited, not-for-profit institutions, sorted by affordability;
  • Spotlight interviews provided by college deans with the institution’s philosophy on online learning;
  • Scholarship and financial options for college students in Ohio

To find out more, click here.  

Please Note:
To assist high school students in their pursuit of academic excellence, the Law and Leadership Institute("LLI") has identified several education resources above.  LLI does not endorse these, or any other specific educational resource, but is providing this information as a service to students and families.
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