Heather A. Creed

LLI Position: 
Executive Director

Ms. Creed joined the staff as LLI's first Chief Operating Officer in April 2014 and became LLI's Executive Director in February 2015. Ms. Creed brings to LLI her unique experience and insight from her tenure at Legal Outreach, a diversity pipeline program based in New York that has been preparing urban youth from underserved communities to achieve academic success in higher education since 1983.  Ms. Creed graduated in 1997 from Taylor University magna cum laude with a BS in Elementary Education and earned her JD from Baylor Law School in 2002.  Ms. Creed also earned a MS in Education Administration in 2010 from Baylor University. Prior to law school, Ms. Creed taught Algebra in Miami, FL.  After earning her JD, Ms. Creed worked at Baylor Law School for nearly 10 years as the Assistant Dean of Professional Development & Student Relations. There, her primary responsibilities included Career Development and Public Interest programming.

Ms. Creed has served on the Board of Directors of the American Mock Trial Association and Texas Young Lawyers Association.  After living in Florida, Texas, and New York, Ms. Creed and her son are enjoying making Ohio their home.


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