Toledo Blade: LLI students at Ohio High School Mock Trial

By LLI Webmaster on February 6, 2014 - 10:41am

Published 2/1/14 Mock Trial offers a taste of lawyering.  As a lawyer who never set foot in a courtroom, Michael Vanderhorst was impressed with the experience high school students were getting Friday in Toledo Municipal Court.  Participants in the Toledo Bar Association's annual Mock Trial Competition stood before a three-judge panel and argued the merits of a restraining order sought by a fictional high school group modeled after the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  "If you have a hankering for the law profession, it's a great way to see if it's something you might like," Mr. Vanderhorst said.

Fifteen-year-old Danielle Lozano, a freshman at Toledo Early College High School, was excited to do just that.  She admitted feeling awefully nervous just before taking her seat as a plantiff's attorney in the second round of the competition.  "I watch shows on TV, and ever since I was little I've thought, 'I want to be a lawyer,'" she said.  

Kristen Clark, 17, concedes she was not interested in a career in law even after picking up an "outstanding witness" award in her team's first round against St. Francis de Sales High School.  "I'm more interested in science field," Kirsten, a senior at Sylvania Southview High School, said.  "But this is just a great experience.  It teaches you communication and leadership skills."

Both Kristen and Danielle were members of a team sponsored by the Law and Leadership Institute athe the University of Toledo, which made its first entry in the district mock trial competition Friday.

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