The Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program

By LLI Webmaster on February 5, 2013 - 1:57pm

The Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program, founded in 1998, is aptly named after Taylor Michaels, the inspiring Chief Operating Officer for Magic Johnson Enterprises who passed away during that year. Throughout her life, Taylor displayed an intense passion and commitment to youth development. For 14 years, MJF has carried her passion forward via our program. 

Each year we select approximately 30 Scholars who demonstrate a strong potential for academic achievement, but face socioeconomic challenges hindering their full expression. MJF commits to holistically supporting each TMSP Scholar throughout their entire undergraduate career. 

• $2,000-5,000 annual tuition assistance-renewable up to 5 years

  • • An annual Life Skills Leadership Conference
  • • Comprehensive Career Development Rubric curriculum
  • • Laptop computers Freshman Year
  • • 1:1 career, academic, and life skills counseling throughout the year
  • • Access to internships and mentors

For more information, please visit the

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