LLI Student's Hardwork and Dedication Inspires Cincinnati Instructor

By Heather Creed on December 8, 2014 - 2:04pm
By Guest Author William Prest, Cincinnati Instructor

Teachers and administrators alike share in the LLI goal - to inspire and prepare students from underserved communities for post-secondary success.  But, as you can imagine, the LLI scholars are often the ones inspiring us.  In Cincinnati, and statewide, we are lucky to work with hardworking, dedicated, and influential young people.  In addition to excelling at the curriculum, Nadiya Pope (12th grade student) has demonstrated outstanding leadership and passion for legal studies. 
Nadiya first became involved in LLI through the recommendation of her mother, who felt that Nadiya might be interested in a legal education.  During her first year with LLI, Nadiya loved that she was able to soak up valuable legal information from her teachers and gain practical experience through her participation in mock trial. Nadiya’s most rewarding experience came during her second year with the program when she was placed in a legal internship, which allowed her to more effectively evaluate the legal field when considering her future career choices. After her internship, Nadiya’s interest in the law was greater than ever. She came away with a focus on contract law and hopes to one day become a corporate attorney.  Despite these rewarding experiences in her freshman and sophomore years, Nadiya says that her favorite year with LLI was her senior year. This year, Nadiya learned even more about the law and college preparation. Nadia feels that the information that she learned about student loans and credit card debt will prove invaluable to her in the future.
When considering which skills taught in LLI she would find the most useful, Nadiya credited professionalism. She recognizes the importance of always presenting herself in a professional way, both in her actions as well as her appearance.  She believes that this knowledge will give her a leg up as she enters the business world.  When not at LLI, Nadiya enjoys volleyball, track, show choir and church choir, all while taking as many AP and honors classes as she can. Her goals after graduation are to attend college on a track and academic scholarship while majoring in political science with a minor in anthropology. After graduation, Nadiya still hopes to remain involved in the LLI program to ensure its continued growth and development.
Nadiya is merely a sample of the fantastic student body that we at LLI are fortunate to instruct. We wish all of our graduates the best during their senior year and are confident that these young people are equipped with the tools to maximize their great potential.
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